Create a smart home easily and cheaply with the Tapo range from TP-Link.

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TP-Link’s Tapo product range is quite extensive, and this is the first plus. You can choose from a wide range of devices, and at least one from each category is sure to suit your needs in terms of features or price.

First, let’s take a look at the Tapo cameras. Their designation begins with the letter C, and among the models you will find both indoor and outdoor options. To begin with, we have the Tapo C210, a cheap camera for indoor use that costs around CZK 1,100. It will have rotating capability, 3MP resolution, night vision, MicroSD card slot and smart features including automation. We’ll talk about them at the end. Tapo C210 also comes with a two-way audio alarm so you can calm your pet from a distance.

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The Tapo C310, with very similar equipment, is more or less an outdoor option, just without the rotatability. Night vision has a long range of up to 30 meters. With both cameras, you’ll appreciate the motion detection feature. With an indoor camera you know there are no uninvited guests in your apartment, with the outdoor model C310 you get a view of the garden.

The Tapo C225 is again suitable for indoor environments, and for a small extra cost it adds higher 2K QHD resolution or AI features. The camera can track movement and rotate, for example, to follow a person passing by. At the same time, it itself recognizes pets, vehicles, children crying and similar sounds. For moments when you want to maintain privacy, the camera can be switched to private mode. At this point, the camera lens rotates inside the body, physically blocking the view. An interesting feature is the use of IR LED with a wavelength of 850/940 nm, invisible to the human eye. These LEDs help you record better at night without distractions or distractions.

The new Tapo C500, designed for outdoor use, largely copies the indoor model C225. It offers Full HD resolution or AI motion detection. IP65 resistance means that the camera is not afraid of rain. Night vision gives you an overview of your surroundings even after the sun goes down. Following the example of the Tapo C225, here you will also find the lens blocked by the camera cover. Tapo C500 can be easily installed on any wall, ceiling or support. A wide view will be provided.

Create a smart home easily and affordably with TP-Link's Tapo range, illustration 2 TP Link Tapo

At the very top of the portfolio is the TP-Link Tapo C420S2. This is a pair of outdoor cameras with a built-in battery. However, the ability to function even without an electrical connection is not the only additional feature this camera offers. A number of cameras, including the Tapo C420S2 and Tapo C500, feature the Starlight sensor, delivering well above average performance in low light conditions. The cameras are even capable of full-color night vision, and the QHD sensor can capture details even at great distances. For recording, you can use the included Tapo H200 hub, which can accommodate a MicroSD card with a capacity of up to 256 GB. Again, there’s no shortage of two-way communication, light and sound alarms, smart notifications or AI motion detection. All these cameras can be uploaded to the cloud using Tapo Care.

Create a smart home easily and affordably with the Tapo range from TP-Link illustration3 TP Link Tapo

The C420S2’s battery lasts up to 180 days depending on shooting frequency, and its smart design allows it to be replaced in no time. TP-Link managed to maintain IP65 protection against water and dust, despite the use of a replaceable battery.

But the Tapo series is not only cameras. This is a comprehensive smart home system, which means you will find a lot of sensors here. The basis is the HUB labeled H100. Individual sensors communicate with this central point. The H100 provides easy pairing and offers an alarm function.

Create a smart home easily and cheaply with TP-Link's Tapo series, illustration4 TP Link Tapo

The list of individual sensors is quite long. Tapo T310 and T315 sensors provide temperature measurement. The first mentioned sensor can be placed in almost any room or corner. It is very compact and the data from it can be viewed in the application. Tapo T315 is already equipped with a display, so it has a place in the living room or on the bedside table. Tapo T315 also constantly communicates with the H100 hub and sends data to the application.

Create a smart home easily and affordably with the Tapo range from TP-Link, illustration5 TP Link Tapo

The Tapo T110 sensor serves as a contact sensor for doors or windows. Thanks to it, you can easily find out if you left the door open after leaving the house or if someone entered your apartment through the door. The Tapo T100 motion sensor monitors the environment and can detect movement up to 7 meters away at an angle of 120°.

Instead, the Tapo T300 sensor alerts you to water leaks in your home. Again, there are a range of uses, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the workshop.

Create a smart home easily and affordably with the Tapo range from TP-Link, illustration6 TP Link Tapo

Next are the P110 and T115 smart plugs, which do without the Tapo H100 hub. In addition to providing you with detailed consumption statistics, they can be controlled remotely, set on and off schedules, and used in automation. What is automation? Anyone who has programmed knows the principle of “if” and “then”. In the Tapo app for iOS and Android, entirely in Czech, you will find control of all sensors connected to the hub, as well as cameras and sockets, which can function independently without the H100 central unit. Simple automation can be created between sensors, cameras and smart plugs after simply pairing with your phone and app.

Take the current hot weather for example. An old fan can be turned into a smart one; you just need to create a condition so that the outlet with the fan turns on when the temperature you set is exceeded. Temperature recording is carried out by sensor T315 or T310.

Create a smart home easily and cheaply with TP-Link's Tapo series, illustration 7 TP Link Tapo 1

A number of similar automations can be developed. You place the T110 door opening sensor in the workshop along with the camera. If the door is open, the privacy mode on the camera can be switched automatically. On the other hand, the T300 sensor can sound an alarm in case of water leakage. A motion detector turns on the lights through a smart plug or sends a notification if you’re not home. You can switch the cameras to private mode when you are at home, and vice versa, they will send you a notification when motion is detected if you are away from home.

Create a smart home easily and affordably with TP-Link's Tapo range, illustration8 TP Link Tapo

With smart sensors, you can spice up your home with smart features without making a big investment. Electronics containing these features are quite expensive. For example, a lamp with Bluetooth will cost you much more than a smart plug. A number of cheaper devices also use proprietary solutions in the form of special applications. In the case of TP-Link Tapo, you can create a smart home cheaper and control everything from one place. Additionally, these sensors can be easily moved over time and used in different combinations with a range of instruments.

TP-Link offers a complete ecosystem of cameras, plugs and sensors, and lighting that can be easily automated to make your daily life easier and your premises safer. And all this without huge investments in smart technology.

Source :Indian TV

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