Using Adaptive Triggers and Blowing into a Microphone to Save a Person in a Quantum Error – INDIAN

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Studio TeamKill Media presented a new trailer for space horror Quantum error. In a nearly two-minute video, he invites console owners to dive into the next generation. Game console 5. The developers are focused on a technically impressive experience, to the point where they had to cancel the PS4 version.

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Quantum Error will take advantage of the PS5 and will run in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. At the same time, it supports 3D audio, haptic feedback of the DualSense controller and its adaptive trigger, as well as a fast SSD.

The trailer shows some of the situations we’ll find ourselves in. launder with adaptive triggers. This occurs, for example, when breaking doors, shooting or providing first aid. The creators have taken human rescue to a new level with the need to blow into the controller’s microphone.

Quantum error can be described as a mixture of Dead Space and more dynamic Prey. You will play as firefighter Jacob Thomas, who ends up in the futuristic research center Monad Quantum Research Facility, which is attacked by an unknown entity. The complex caught fire and was completely isolated. Jacob sneaks inside with his partner Shane.

“Your task is simple: save as many lives as possible from the burning complex and get out. However, what begins as a rescue mission quickly descends into darkness when upon arrival you discover that all is not as it seems.” the developers are approaching.

Quantum Error will release on November 3 this year on PlayStation 5. The game is also expected to release on Xbox Series X/S and PC, but at least in the case of Xbox, there will be a delay due to the less powerful Xbox Series S console. The game on it is in an unacceptable state.

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Source :Indian TV

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