A bunch of robbers want you in Payday 3 – INDIAN

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This article was created as part of a paid collaboration: Already bought a ticket from Washington to New York? You must do this, because you will have to appear there along with the legendary gang of robbers on September 21st. Dallas, Hoxton, Chains and Wolfe return from retirement to a life of crime in the shoes of the law-feared Payday gang. and the criminal world and is the pride of his colleagues.

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Several years after the end of the reign of terror in Washington, D.C., the gang reunites to deal with the threat that brought them out of retirement. In order for the Party to identify and defeat this new threat, must overcome new challenges in New York and take advantage of new opportunities. In addition to the gold, money, gems and other valuables you can find, you will be able to collect a decent collection of weapons, cosmetic items and rewards.

But it won’t be as simple as just showing up and picking something up. You’ll have to work hard and plan carefully to get away with as much loot as possible.. Gain experience, unlock new abilities and acquire weapon skills to continue to develop and solve more complex problems.

In addition, the iconic characters wearing clown masks will be expanded upon. two new female charactersWhat you can play for: Pearl And Joy. Pearl is a skilled con artist and spy who is as good at street scams as she is at catching the rich and famous. She leaves nothing to chance and only rarely does something go wrong. But when the situation calls for it, she’s no stranger to firearms. And make no mistake; she is a fierce warrior. Joy is a genius hacker, security expert, and ruthless killer. He has a complete lack of respect for authority and a warped sense of humor. But he is an absolute ace at robberies.

IN Payday 3 There’s a lot waiting for you. Be there from day one and make a reservation First day release for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. This edition includes the full game and an additional Trifecta Lootbag with the Obsidian Glitz costume and Venomous Verdigris mask. True fans shouldn’t miss the chance Collector’s Edition with a special mask, decorative card set, stickers, membership, Gold Season Pass and other digital content.

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