Microsoft is not thinking about an even more powerful Xbox Series X. Another console will complicate the work of developers – INDIAN

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Xbox Series S it’s a current generation console and Xbox Series X is the equivalent of the Xbox One X. That’s how Phil Spencer once described his consoles. He doesn’t seem to be going to change anything on the matter and currently works for Microsoft. they don’t think of a more powerful version. And this despite the growth of speculation from the other camp. According to unofficial information, Sony is preparing not only PS5 with removable storage, but also a more powerful PS5, the so-called PlayStation 5 Prowhich should have significantly higher performance compared to the base model.

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The head of Microsoft’s gaming division is of the opinion that you should not throw sticks under the feet of developers and leave them alone to familiarize themselves with current consoles. This is the only way to get the most out of them. According to Spencer cross-gen console won’t help creators or gamers. However, he understands why people ask about the “Pro” version. This is partly due to the belief of some that every game should run in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, and modern hardware cannot do this.

“If we’re talking about more frames per second and higher resolution, just look at what’s happening on a PC with high-end GPUs and high-end CPUs. It’s not always just about the number of pixels or frame rate. There is lighting. There are many things that go into making a game look and perform great. And we still have a lot of catching up to do as an industry.” This was announced by Phil Spencer at Gamescom IGN.

But Spencer wonders if the strict definition of the console generation as we know it today will still hold true in the future. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are not a step forward, but they are still a step ahead of their predecessors. As an example, he cites a PC, where we are not talking about the latest AMD and Nvidia graphics cards as part of generation A. we see them as incremental improvements, not big leaps forward. He himself is interested in how it will be with the consoles in the future. However, Microsoft will want another console at some point, but Spencer can’t tell right now if they’ll be a big step forward or an incremental improvement.

Microsoft is getting ready Xbox Series S with 1TB SSD. It will be on sale from September 1 this year in black. The company also recently introduced custom cases for the Xbox Series X.

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Source :Indian TV

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