A new update has been added to the survival game Rust.

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The author’s studio Facepunch has once again replenished its still popular survival game. Grow for a new, this time April update, accompanied by a traditional wipe.

This update adds at least 4250 cards to all cards. generated railway encircling the entire islandwhen it’s the first iteration of such a rail network that has no utility other than visual yet, but should find additional use in the future when it has trains that run and run on it.

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A new procedural network update, railnetwork 01, has been added to the survival game Rust.Here you will find another novelty in the form of zipline is generated on a local power line, which should simplify and especially speed up movement on the map. In addition, it is possible that in the future it will be possible to build your own.

For hunters achievements then it’s definitely critical. that 18 new figures have been added to the gamewhen you get them, you’ll have to win three poker games or wave five different players.

A new Achievements update has been added to the survival game Rust.It was improved lighting in selected locations/environments such as a lighthouse, fishing villages, stables or airports.

Among other changes, we will find a visual change in the shaft, a change in images during loading, or other adjustments in the control of the crane with a magnet.

Also important for the future is that the authors are starting to analyze more on the official servers how people play in order to better adjust the balance.

April 14 at 22:00. besides, it starts Twitch rivalsan event where various players compete for $100,000 in prizes.

However, it is extremely important for regular players that they are chosen by the streamers for the duration of the event. available dropsthrough which you can get different thematic awards.

The survival game Rust has a new update for the twitch drops concise rivals blog.In addition, the Easter event will be open on the same day at 20:00.

Rust is available for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source :Indian TV

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