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Star Wars: The Old Republic will be transferred from BioWare to a third-party studio


According to IGN magazine sources, Electronic Arts plans to postpone development Star Wars The Old Republic from Biovar to a side studio Sword Online. The popular Star Wars MMORPG will spearhead the team that currently handles the games. Ultima Online And Dark Age of Camelot.

“We are proud of the work the team is doing. [v BioWare] already done, and the future of the game and the community continues to be promising. We are thinking about how to give the game and the team the best possible opportunities for growth and development, including communication with Broadsword, a studio that specializes in community-driven online experiences. Our goal is to do what’s best for the game and its players,” EA said in a statement.

Broadsword Online follows mythical entertainment and leads him Rob Denton, co-founded by Mythic. it’s the same former Vice President of BioWare and stood at the birth of The Old Republic. More than half of the nearly 80-seat team should move along with playing Broadsword. The rest either get jobs at BioWare and EA or get fired.

SW: TOR should continue to receive regular updates, then Electronic Arts will remain in the publisher role. BioWare will focus entirely on a couple of big brands: dragon age And weight Effect. One game has been announced for each series, and the first is expected to be released. The Dragon Age: Dire wolfwhat can we expect next year soon.

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