Statue of Lilith will hold 1,000 Diablo 4 players

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Blizzard has announced a community call related to Devil 4, but the players point out the injustice. Those who buy the more expensive edition will get an advantage and therefore get into the hellish adventure five days earlier. The standard version will not be published until June 6th.

Call Leave your mark will start on 06/01/2023 and will allow players to have his name immortalized on the statue of Lilith, the main villain of the game. His name will be on the monument first 1000 players in the world to reach level 100 in hardcore mode. But he has to prove it on Twitter with the #Diablo4Hardcore hashtag.

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All information about the call is available at this address. The challenge will end on 09/01/2023 regardless of how many players reach the goal. As for journalists, influencers and others, they already have access to Diablo 4, but their progress will be reset before the start of the test.

Recall that in Hardcore mode, your hero / heroine deleted after death and you have to start from the first level. Real hell awaits those who accept this challenge. Will you join?

Diablo 4 will feature over 150 randomly generated dungeons with manual and procedural elements. The game has been released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Source :Indian TV

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