Battlefield 2042 Moves to the Czech Republic for Season 5

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Already in the 7-6 centuries. Battlefield 2042 the fifth season begins A new dawn and for us it is special in that it brings a new card that the action takes place in the Czech Republic. But it will be hard for you to tell from the trailer. fighting continues next to an abandoned industrial areawhich nature is slowly taking back.

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“Encounter vertical crossfire on a decommissioned turbine, engage in vehicular combat around a derailed train crash site, and survive an infantry meat grinder in a hidden bunker” press release invites you to what awaits you on the “Czech” map.

The developers from the DICE studio named the map when it was created restored inspired by Battlefield 4. The question remains, is it Factory 311 or Giants of Karelia. It is possible that both famous maps served as a source of inspiration.

The plot also mentions the Czech Republic, as we recently reported:

“In recent days, there has been an increase in tensions, as unverified transmissions have revealed an increase in eastern forces in the Czech Republic. Their efforts are being led by an elite division of the Nova Group, which is trying to secure a key rail route in the region. Moravian guards, local resistance fighters – that’s all who will stand in the new offensive to the west. Given their alleged ties to Western powers, many fear it is only a matter of time before this escalates into open war.”

It’s part of the fifth season, of course new battle pass with special skins for your specialists, weapons and vehicles. All players can also count on new weapons, including the XCE Bar, the GEW-4 from Battlefield 4, and the BFP.50, you can also surprise the enemy with new types of grenades. There is also an anti-tank grenade and a micro grenade that can be thrown faster and farther than a normal grenade.

Everything is clearly visible in the trailer.

Source :Indian TV

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