Forgotten but Unbroken fails crowdfunding

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Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. Small Slovak studio Centurion Developments failed to raise the required 80,000 euros for her World War II XCOM. Players contributed just €31,205. Luckily, they don’t give up and offer fans the opportunity to contribute and receive exclusive rewards through their official website.

Offer starts at €5 per support level in Discord and wallpapers. The full game can be obtained with the €50 Resistance Soldiers Bundle, which also includes early access and various digital bonuses. It is also available physical collector’s edition for 499 euros.

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In a stylish wooden box you will find, among other things, an illustrated manual, biographies of the main characters, two RGB gamepads with the game logo, a cotton cap, a cotton sweatshirt, a cotton t-shirt, a limited set of 3D printed figures ready to paint, an Army Painter set for your figures and a 128 GB Forgotten but Unbroken USB stick.

Centurion Developments thanked all Kickstarter backers and stated that during the campaign and free alpha testing collected very valuable feedback. They have been working on many things for a long time and will be added over time.

“So that means we’re moving in the right direction because the players themselves are asking for these features. During the trip, we discovered many things that we had no idea about. If we had known about this earlier, we would have done a lot differently.” they write and report that they will have to give up some elements.

“The main goal of this campaign was for us to remain independent. So we won’t be able to do that and we will lose our independence. It is also possible that the development of the game will be delayed because we cannot expand our team as much as we would like. But keep your head up! We will continue to develop because this is our passion and we do it with all our heart. As we mentioned, we’re actually adding a lot of features.” creators added.

Already at the start of the Kickstarter campaign, the authors wrote that if they did not succeed, they would have to look for a publisher. They have already been in contact with some, but they didn’t like the conditions.

“One of the conditions that we liked the most was keeping 90% of the total sales revenue to the publisher. Yes, 90%. they revealed. Another example: if they signed a contract with a publisher, they will have to scrap the voice and dialogue script they have already written. The writers have collaborated with some of the best talent and consider the cutscenes to be of high quality and integral to what makes Forgotten but Unbroken so special.

The black script is likely to come true because the Czech and English versions of the video that featured the videos have disappeared from YouTube.

Forgotten but unbroken tactical turn-based strategy set during World War IIinspired by popular predecessors such as XCOM or Silent Storm, combines the best of these games and adds new dynamism and innovation to the genre.

Even before the start of the Kickstarter campaign, the developers were confident that they could release the game. However, there will be no such level. They originally wanted to target a release later this year or early 2024 on the PC version.

Source :Indian TV

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