PlayStation expands into live service gaming

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For a long time, the range of games from PlayStation Studios was mainly dominated by narrative adventures for one player. But recently, Sony representatives openly admitted that this trend will change to some extent. Significantly inmore space should be given to live service names. This direction is well illustrated by Sony’s recently released forecast for the future line of games, which appeared as part of the publication of financial results.

The graph attached below clearly demonstrates the gradual transition to multiplayer live services, the ratio of which to traditional single-player games is gradually increasing. In fiscal year 2025, the company expects 60% of investments will go to games with live service. In fiscal year 2019, the share of games of this type was only 12%.

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Sony also expects gradual growth in the area of ​​additional paid content and subscriptions. It has also been confirmed that individual teams currently have PlayStation Studios. 12 live service games developed. This group includes, for example, the recently introduced Fairgame$ game from Haven Studios, the Marathon PvP event from Bungie, the Concord shooter from Firewalk Studios, or the upcoming The Last of Us multiplayer.

Another interesting indicator increase in the share of new brands compared to existing ones, which should be exactly 50:50 in fiscal year 2025.

Source :Indian TV

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