Warhammer: The Old World features major factions

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About Warhammer: The Old World, there has already been one piece of news in the past aimed at the originally introduced faction. However, they should not be the only thing the game will contain. In addition to Bretonnia and the Tomb Kings, you can also count on seven other major groups that will fight for their existence in the game world. Elves should be represented by Exalted and Forest. Even the Human Realm cannot gather here. Personally, as a fan of the dwarves, I am very excited about the fact that even their fortresses should be part of the launch version.

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As for the “dark” side, Greenskins, Chaos Warriors, and Beast Tribes are said to be present. In the future, players will also see a number of other players currently defining the world of Total War: Warhammer III. You can find detailed information about this here.

Source :Indian TV

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