Will Smith has become the face of the upcoming survival role-playing game Undawn.

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The creators of obscure free-to-play survival game Undawn have managed to get some decent attention for their upcoming game. He owes this mainly to the just-released trailer, in which he played the main role famous American actor Will Smith.

The developers are talking about the role of Will Smith as his debut in a video game, in which he will lend his face to one of the characters in the form of Trey Jones. The game itself is marked open world survival and RPG elementswhich will take you to a post-apocalyptic world.

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You can explore it alone or with other players. In addition to research, collecting raw materials and fighting various enemies, you will also be waiting for building your own home and pumping an experienced character.

The title was created by Lightspeed Studio, which is also behind PUBG Mobile. Dawn Coming out June 15th on PC (Steam) and mobile platforms with Android and iOS systems.

Source :Indian TV

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