Turn-based RPG Wartales arrives in the ravaged lands next month

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The Wartales turn-based RPG is an improved version of the Battle Brothers turn-based game. In it, you go to a huge game world that you explore with a company of randomly generated characters and thus experience various adventures. If in the case of Battle Brothers the company focused on a fanciful mixture of fantasy and the Middle Ages, then in this case only the historical era full of knights, squires, beautiful girls and robbers plays the main role. After all, women cannot be denied the right to fight. The story takes you to a realm that stands above the abyss, and you, at least initially, are only one of those who have to deal with this situation in a certain way. When you fail, they haunt you. Nobody will be waiting for you. Everyone just wants to survive.

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The turn-based RPG Wartales will release on April 12, 2023, when it will be available on PC.

Source :Indian TV

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