The Czech Viet Cong was originally supposed to be the story of John Rambo.

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It makes us feel very old, but here we are another 20th anniversary of the classic Czech game with international reach. After Operation Flashpoint and Mafia, it’s the turn of the cult shooter Viet Cong from the Brno-based studio Pterodon, which was first released in a PC version on March 26, 2003. Head of Development and Founder of Pterodon Jarek Kolar, who now leads Ingame Studios, which is developing the co-op shooter Crime Boss: Rockay City, released several concepts from Vietcong’s development around the same time last year. But this time he came with a slightly more wonderful gift.

Kolar published a 2001 developer diary on YouTube stating that The Viet Cong was originally supposed to be Rambo.. Yes, the same Rambo, whom the actor played in only five films. Sylvester Stallone. Before Rambo became, according to Jarek Kolář, thank God, the Viet Cong, Pterodon wanted to flesh out John Rambo’s experience during the Vietnam War in the game’s single-player campaign.. He returns from it in the first film in 1982, subtitled “First Blood”.

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So it was pretty much meant to be a prequel to the movie series, not an adaptation of one of the movies or a commissioned adaptation of the author’s original book. David Morrell. The creators wanted to tell a story fictional story about Rambo, based on the real events of the Vietnam particular the events of late 1967 and early 1968. Thus, the players had to take part in the role of John Rambo himself, directly or indirectly, in actions inspired by real operations.

Anyone familiar with Intelligence Sergeant Steve R. Hawkins probably knows that the Viet Cong single player campaign ended in a very different story. Already in a dev diary from 2001, the timing of which is beautifully illustrated by the use of the song Riders on the Storm, Kolář talks about efforts to use the Vietnam War setting to create a full multiplayer experience.. The latter eventually became as popular and memorable a component of the Viet Cong as the campaign. And unlike the single player game, it didn’t need the legendary Czech dub.

Even in the multiplayer game Rambo by Pterodon, we had to become ordinary soldiers. Kolar also mentions in the video various ranks and roles, which were supposed to depend on the experience and specialization of the playersor Pterodon’s efforts to create massive multiplayer battles inspired by real-life military operations.

The Dev Diary also focuses on how the developers used declassified documents and reports from the war, as well as materials and experiences from visiting Vietnam. Looks interesting too motion capture examples for animationfragments from the game editor or what when creating equipment, the creators relied not only on photographic documentation and drawings, but also on plastic models. Thanks to them, it was possible to create an accurate model in the game engine in a short time.

The conclusion of the dev diary is then easily misleading to anyone who might think that delays or deadline shifts are only a matter of modernity. Jarek Kolář states in the video that he was supposed to be Rambo in the game. completed September/September 2001. The presentation of the project and the start of public beta testing were to take place in May-May 2001. Apparently, it didn’t quite work out that way.

But after 20 years, we can say that even if we didn’t get a game related to the cult series, in the end, everything worked out for the best. as evidenced not only by the iconic status of the original Viet Cong. Although for whom. Rambo finally got his game in early 2014 thanks to Polish studio Teyon. Trial version called Rambo: The Video Game, which adapts the original film trilogy, ranked among the worst and worst films of its time upon release. And of course it had nothing to do with the development of the Viet Cong from the Pterodons. The only visible trace of Rambo in the Czech-Slovak games is probably only Rambo’s scarf in the adventure game. In the shadow of a raven (1999) by Cinemax and the Rainbox Rhino team.

Source :Indian TV

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