We haven’t seen the last Taira from God of War: Ragnarok yet

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Some may be surprised. Representatives of Sony Santa Monica studio have previously stated that God of War: Ragnarok – the second and last story of Kratos in Norse mythology, although this adventure was originally planned as a trilogy. They also assured that they did not want an expansion of the plot. But how to explain the words Duber Týr?

Actor Ben Prendergast should have said during a recent panel at PAX East that this won’t be the last time we’ll see Tyr. He later declined to elaborate on his statement and is said to have joked about signing a non-disclosure agreement with Sony.

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The Scandinavian god from the House of Aesir, who is called the god of the sky and war, had in God of War: Ragnarok key role. But if director Eric Williams didn’t put the balls on our noses, then they don’t want any additional package in the studio. It is likely that Prendergast meant Upcoming Amazon God of War series. This one should be dedicated to Kratos’ father years in Midgard.

Action-adventure God of War: Ragnarok was released on 09/11/2022 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 with Czech subtitles. In February of this year, it was announced that three months sold over 11 million copies.

Source :Indian TV

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