Valve has registered the trademark “CS2”.

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It hasn’t been for a long time legendary Counter-Strike FPS series has become one of the main topics of discussion throughout the gaming world. After all, there was nothing surprising in this – except for the periodic updates of the last part with the subtitle Global Offensive, which should have practically not interested anyone outside the main community or casual players, everything remained more or less the same. However, in the last few weeks, things have really boiled around CS.

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ABOUT transition of CS:GO to a more modern Source 2 engine this has been talked about for years. Every time a new clue popped up here and there confirming this possible move by Valve, fans prayed to the god Gaben for the big update to come out as soon as possible, but nothing happened. However, the situation is different now. Recently found so many interesting things point to the new version of CSKAthat something really needs to happen.

Nvidia drivers were hiding the CSGO2.exe and CS2.exe files, the update was confirmed by well-known journalist Richard Lewis, and several changes were made to the CS:GO archive on Steam. Now fuel is added to the fire by the news that Valve has registered a new trademark “CS2”.

A few days ago, namely on March 14, Valve filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office. request to register something marked “CS2”. In theory, this could debunk the claims of renowned CS:GO content creator and whistleblower Gabe Follower, who previously reported that the big pending update will not be a new game or even a rebrand. To clarify, the first option is still unlikely, but converting CS:GO to CS2 is now quite possible.

Currently, it also seems that the CS:GO developers are already working on announcing something new. For the first time since the end of February, a new blog post is being prepared.. A find on the Wayback Machine suggests that the article may have been titled “Counter-Strike 2 has landed”, which translates to “Counter-Strike 2 is already in the world” or “Counter-Strike 2 has landed”. But need information accept with distrustbecause this type of data can get into the Wayback Machine quite easily by trolls.

How are you waiting for the new version of Counter-Strike?

Source :Indian TV

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