Diablo 4 comes with Kor Dragan barracks demo

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Diablo 4 is currently in beta, available to those who pre-order. Its progress has not been entirely smooth, but Blizzard is actively working on the shortcomings. While some are playing, for the remaining group of players, the developers have prepared new gameplay footage showing the destination of the Kor Dragan barracks. This place is not for beginners. It is intended for experienced adventurers who already have some experience under their belt. The corridors of these barracks are full of undead warriors and various servants of the dark forces, for whom almost nothing is sacred. In the finale, the presenters are forced to face an extremely powerful ghost, but thanks to the combination of their abilities, they defeat him.

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The whole atmosphere is noticeable, which is really dense and in some moments even evokes memories of Diablo 2, which has the gameplay of the third part. I can’t wait to send the necromancer to the world of Diablo 4 next week.

Source :Indian TV

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