The new NFS should skip the previous generation of consoles

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This year Need for Speed should be the first Electronic Arts game to skip PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The new arcade racing game is exclusive to next generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

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With this information came journalist Jeff Grubb of VentureBeats on the Grubbsnax podcast, where he also stated that the game will be released this November. He did not specify whether NFS would also work for computers. It would be a big surprise if NFS didn’t turn on the PC.

The question remains where the game will be hosted. Grubb wasn’t sure what it was, but he must have heard it was a possible location. Miami.

Recall that the new Need for Speed ​​​​was supposed to be released last year, but Criterion was first supposed to help with the development of Battlefield 2042. At that time, EA launched the release no later than March 2023, and the previous generation consoles were also mentioned. According to Grubb, plans have changed.

The latest episodes are Need for Speed: Payback and Need for Speed: Heat released in 2017 and 2019 respectively.


Officially, we don’t know much about the new Need for Speed. Actor and dancer Alex Nua once boasted on Instagram of a photo and information that he is involved in the new NFS – in particular, he is responsible for capturing the movements of male characters for scenes with drivers, bikers and civilians. As a bonus, he also knew how to dance.

Criterion Games officially spoke about the future of NFS they want to introduce a new generation of Need for Speed ​​with new physics and improved graphics.

From my point of view, it could very well be a mixture of the NFS and Burnout Paradise series. Criterion Games is behind these popular and highly acclaimed racing games, with Need for Speed ​​being the better known brand.

Source :Indian TV

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