Diablo 4 may be getting beta soon

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Diablo 4 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of this year. So far, the title has been tested on Blizzard employees and die-hard fans of the series, who have already been offered the opportunity by the company to contribute in some way to the development of the anticipated title. However, the open beta has yet to be announced. However, as Rod Fergusson suggests on Twitter, the announcement of a test start date could happen soon:If only we could imagine a game moment this month where something like this could be announced…His statement should refer to the upcoming IGN Fan Fest 2023.

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Diablo 4 should be part of this event, which will run from February 17th to 18th. Blizzard itself has not yet made loud statements about this. However, with Diablo 4’s release date fast approaching, it’s likely that we’ll get at least some more accurate testing soon.

Source :Indian TV

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