Job offers reveal The Witcher Sirius project

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One of the games from the world of The Witcher, which is currently being planned by the Polish company CD Projekt RED, project with the working title Sirius. It is being created at the American studio The Molasses Flood, and according to earlier reports, it should be about innovative witch universe concept definite for a wider audience, the development of which is currently at the pre-production stage. But we don’t know much more about the game, if we ignore the fact that it won’t be mobile.

However, the server recently drew attention to a few job offers at The Molasses Flood Studios that may indicate what the American creative team is up to. Specifically, they’re looking for someone in Molasses Flood in the quirky position of Senior World Builder to help the creators realize stylized game world. The search for a senior combat designer and writer suggests what Sirius has to offer action combat system and a plot, which, following the example of previous games in the Witcher series, may include non-linear, branching narrative.

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However, there is one more point worth mentioning that may cause some concern for fans who want only a single-player experience from the Witcher game. The Molasses Flood is also currently looking for a Senior Multiplayer Game Designer to what to do with the class system, social actions or elements of PvE and co-op. Instead of a technical game designer, he points to the coquetry of the creators with procedurally generated elements.

Of course at the moment there is no certainty that Sirius will actually include all this. But the job offers reveal at least certain plans or ideas they’d like to explore or implement in Molasses Flood, so we definitely shouldn’t take them lightly. This time, in the spirit of witches’ tales, you can’t say that something is ending, but something is definitely beginning here. However, now it is possible that everything should be treated with distrust. Just It’s still a few years before the game’s release.. And who knows what might change by then.

Source :Indian TV

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