Vampire event Redfall will be released in early May

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It will take about six months since the vampire (cooperative) shooter Redfall from Arkane Studios somehow showed better. Missed frames and important information contributed to the fact that she was somewhat forgotten. Microsoft’s stream today tried to fix that even though it was just their own game. spotlight she was waiting.

About a ten-minute section was dedicated to this title and, of course, the most important information. Publication datewhich, after several leaks, officially hits the May 2 this year for Xbox Series X/S, PC and Game Pass.

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The rest of the presentation was devoted to a little more superficial information about what, in fact, awaits us. We have the best view of different parts of Redfall Island and its streets, shacks, caves, forests, lighthouse neighborhoods, cemetery, and other special and not so special places. In them, of course, we will eliminate vampires, and even in them we received some new information. For example, we learned about vampires by name Shroud, which will wrap around your surroundings to disorientate you. Subsequently, stronger individuals appear. One of these – the so-called. Siphons – appears when you try take control of one of the regions of the island. Which seems to be the main focus of the game besides the main story. Following the example of Far Cry, which was recently discussed in the context of this game.

Having seized control of the territory of the island, we will also reach the cross with vampire godswhich should represent the main boss.

A significant part of the presentation was also devoted to individual characters. Namely Jacob, Layla, Devinder and Remy. Each of them, as previously announced, represents their own abilities, and thus their play style. Jacob has a crow to detect enemies and possibly the ability to become invisible. Leila he has the previously seen elevator as a trampoline and an umbrella acting as a shield. Devinder has, among other things, a teleporter and Rummy Charging C4.

At the same time we will be able to have separate characters keep editing in skill tree, thereby expanding and improving their abilities and changing the way they play. However, it is not yet clear if we will be able to unlock everything sooner or later, or if we will have to think a little more about our choice; which I would personally prefer. Thanks to this, interesting situations could be created, especially in cooperation with three other players.

Another way to improve characters is mechanism. As in classic RPGs, different weapons will have different characteristics. Whether it’s quality/rarity, level, type (e.g. shotgun, pistol, submachine gun or sniper), and then rate of fire, reload and other bonuses. There seems to be some emphasis on them. numbers and another form min max. Questions about clarity and size can easily arise here. bullet sponge can vampires be in the final. But we’ll have to wait until the game comes out.

From other information, for example, there was a mention of the fire department, that will serve as our home, from which we will take missions. Like the one where we had to go to the lighthouse and change the light in it. Or another where we collided vampire nest.

However, the latest major announcement was a digital deluxe edition called Bite Back. This includes a special outfit for each of the characters, Hero Pass, which will give you access to two new planned well as a weapon skin and a weapon shaft.

If you additionally pre-order a game or you will play through Game Pass, where the game will, of course, appear on the day of releaseyou will receive a vampire hunter set with additional skins.

You can also watch the recording of today’s broadcast:

Source :Indian TV

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