Sony revives Chinese developer investment program

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According to Reuters, Sony going to start the third wave project “Hero” are aimed at investing in Chinese development studios. After the first and second waves in 2017 and 2019, the Japanese giant has this time reserved an amount of 1 million Chinese yuan, roughly equivalent to 140 thousand dollars.

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Tatuo Eguchi, president of Sony’s Shanghai branch, also sees the Hero project as an opportunity to lure Chinese gamers into the PlayStation ecosystem. “I have always dreamed that console games would become an integral part of the daily entertainment of the Chinese people,” he says.

Sony director of video game production in mainland China Bao Bo showed that the investment will involve various major studios, as well as lead to the release of some games directly by Sony. The third wave of the program is expected to far outstrip the previous two.

Big companies have been vying for Chinese developers for some time now. Recently we wrote about the efforts Microsoftwhich should have been motivated by the loss of a hit Genshin Impactwhich is currently a console exclusive to a Japanese competitor.

Source :Indian TV

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