Allegedly, the new Survival Horror is created based on the well-known brand Alien

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The Alien series, known in the Czech Republic as Vetrelec, has been with us since the late 70s. During this time, she watched several films, books and, of course, video games. After all, some are still being created. We are talking about real-time strategy Aliens: Dark Descent or a new game from the Studio Survios. However, Insider Gaming magazine, run by insider Tom Henderson, has now published information about another project from the known universe.

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According to Henderson, another AAA game is in development, codenamed Marathon. It is said to be for current generation consoles i.e. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. It is supposed to be a survival horror game inspired by the Dead Space or Resident Evil series. At first, the insider did not mention the developer, but later added that the Japanese studio Grasshopper Manufacture, the authors of the killer7 title and the No More Heroes series, should work on the game.

And that’s not all, Henderson goes on to say that, according to the same source, a sequel to Creative Assembly’s hit horror movie Alien: Isolation, released 8 years ago, is already in development (or at least in development). concept stage). However, if with the aforementioned heading Henderson received written documents about his existence, then this is no longer the case, and therefore he himself says that the information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Source :Indian TV

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