Microsoft named the release year of Grand Theft Auto 6

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The internet has exploded and is to blame again Grand Theft Auto 6. In September of this year, a hacker caused an uproar by posting footage from an early development version. Now Microsoft, which in official documents has indicated the release year of this highly anticipated gangster action. Fans all over the world are looking forward to it.

“Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected to release in 2024.” wrote Microsoft in a paper for the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

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But we better calm down. At first, it may seem that the American company mixed up the release date of the most anticipated game, but this is a bit wrong.

Actually Microsoft is referring to the server article TechRadarwho used the agency report Bloomberg from this summer. So everything is based on information from current and former Rockstar employees. According to them, there are at least two years left before the release of GTA 6, so it will not be released until 2024.

There are other indications that we will be playing Grand Theft Auto 6 in 2024 and possibly 2025 as well. But, of course, the excerpt from the Microsoft CMA report, in which the company compared the position of Activision Blizzard with competitors, including Take-Two Interactive, should not be taken as confirmation.

Of course, Microsoft, as the owner of a large platform, may have insider information about Rockstar’s plans, but there has been no official confirmation yet. Maybe we’ll see you in December at The Game Awards 2022.

Source :Indian TV

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