Killer Instinct: Ranked Leagues are back online

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With a surprise announcement posted directly on Twitter, his official account killing instinct reported Classified Leagues I get online again Thanks to an update applied to the online multiplayer section of the game around this time.

Considering that the support for the game has been practically cut off for years, the question is quite surprising, but somehow Killer Instinct came up again and the developers started working on the mod in question. correction turned out to be necessary, “for the first time since launch in March 2015”, as the message says.

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After this update, the Ranked Leagues functionality and online statistics should be back on. Ranked Leagues were introduced in Killer Instinct in 2015 and are one of a kind. online competition A ranking of the top 32 players is created and organized and edited for the community, which is renewed every month.

It is an event that is considered to belong to the category of “professional” of the game, so it has the qualities to play before getting into the action, able to automatically establish the bracket that various players will have to place, and starting from this, they will then be able to climb the ranks of the Killer Instinct online competitive scene.

Along with demonstrating this support for the game, many fans are waiting for news about the series’ future as Killer Instinct has essentially remained stable in Season 3 and subsequent Definitive Edition, but that’s unlikely at this time. Despite the rumors about the coming of the new episode, it is not missing.

Source: Multiplayer

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