Horizon: Forbidden West may get an expansion

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The Frozen Wilds expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most successful expansions ever, coming nine months after the original game’s release and introducing Aloy to a new world with a new machine threat. Now it seems that the developers have the same intention with successful Forbidden horizon west.

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He revealed a possible surprise Lance Reddick. Actor Sylens posted a tweet showing off his hard work on Horizon Forbidden West. In the video, he has marks on his face used for motion capture.

The video was on Twitter for less than an hour before Reddick deleted it, presumably realizing he said something he shouldn’t have said.

Currently only one is known. The representative of one of the most important characters in Horizon Forbidden West is working on something. They talk about hard work, so with that in mind, a bigger add-on package can be assumed. It could come out sometime next year, given that there’s a motion capture going on right now.

Source :Indian TV

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