FIFA by EA Sports doesn’t deserve such a goodbye

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This was supposed to be a farewell to the FIFA license in all its glory, and we got the best part of all in terms of content. But it turns out that the developers at EA Sports have a preference for several things. they relaxed and the players complain and shake their heads why does the game still have the same errors.

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The current situation is well documented by various player cadres, who have no shortage of goalkeeper kicksdefenders, attackers and weird animations. Not to mention several cases of strange resemblance to famous football players. Should this be the second generation of HyperMotion?

These shots (far below) go hand in hand with the press coverage. FIFA 23 averages 78/100 on Opencritic and Metacritic. The Xbox Series X version is two percent better. Some reviews are more cheerful, others do not spare criticism. For example, Metro GameCentral, with a score of 6/10, writes about disappointment with EA’s final whistle, saying that the series is going nowhere.

As usual, the players do not take napkins. You heavily criticized FIFA 23 on Steam. The result is a rather negative rating out of over 3,700 opinions. Many players are having trouble even launching the game due to the new anti-cheat system. This was implemented for crossplay, without it FIFA 23 will not start. But many people are unable to update the software on their computer and get an error message on the screen.

“After three days of fighting EA Anticheat, I still can’t play. I don’t know why I bought early access when I still can’t play” one player is angry. Those who enter the game are also not thrilled. They complain about poor optimization with large framerate drops even on powerful PC builds.

As you can see, EA Sports can’t put their feet on the table and enjoy the release of the game. Instead, they should bring a patch to this very quickly. sad situation fixed not only on PC, but also on consoles, where there are a lot of bugs.

If you, too, are having trouble running FIFA 23 on PC, then EA advises the following:

  • Close the game, AntiCheat and Origin/EA.
  • Press the Windows key/icon and type “Origin” or “EA” into the search engine.
  • Right-click on the icon and select “Run as administrator”.
  • After enabling the application, launch the FIFA 23 game.

Unfortunately, this solution will not help everyone.


Source :Indian TV

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