Triangle Strategy: PC version release date announced

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Square Enix announces tactical role-playing game Triangle Strategy will also come computerrevealing release date: October 13, 2022. The game will be available on Steam, where it will hopefully renew the success of the Nintendo Switch version, which has sold over one million copies.

Developed by the same team as Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default, Triangle Strategy features a combat system. turn-based strategyIt’s a complex story filled with consequences and certainly tough moral choices.

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we read summary formal:

Triangle Strategy is set on the continent of Nortelia, where you must decide the fate of three very powerful kingdoms involved in a conflict: Glenbrook, Aesglast and Sabulos. Set 30 years after the Battle of Salt and Iron, you will follow the adventures of protagonist Serenoa Wolffort and her loyal friends, childhood friend Prince Roland, his girlfriend Princess Frederica Aesglast, and Wolfhort’s housekeeper Benedict. .

Also available in different bonus Pre-release for Pre-release: Anyone who pre-purchases Triangle Strategy Standard or Deluxe Edition on PC before October 13, 2022 will receive a 10% pre-purchase discount. Triangle Strategy Digital Deluxe Edition will also be included in a bundle with VARIOUS DAYLIFE (via STEAM) on PC. Those who purchase this bundle on PC (STEAM) will receive 10% off the included Triangle Strategy Digital Deluxe Edition, followed by 29% off the entire bundle containing the VARIOUS DAYLIFE digital art book available in the following cases. It will be released for PC on October 13, 2022.

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