Polda 2 remake raises money for two extra goals

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Two days later on Polda 2 remaster collected the necessary 600 thousand crowns. Over the next two days, the amount increased to 750,000 kroons, and today it exceeded 850,000, which also means the completion of two additional goals.

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It will provide the first milestone in the amount of 750,000 CZK. a short intermezzo about how Pankratz became a private detective. Basically, it will be a short adventure game in the size of 5 to 7 backgrounds.

“The events of this intermezzo will continue right where the original Polda 2 left off, i.e. in the hot air balloon that leaves Barbieland, and will end where Polda 3 begins, i.e. in the office of the private detective Pankratz. This game epilogue will start after completing Polda 2, but it can also be launched separately from the menu. the authors from the Zima software studio describe their idea.

850,000 CZK opens the option upgrade all music into a modern jacket. “At the time when Polda 2 was created, the possibilities of electronic music were far from being as great as they are today. The instruments didn’t sound very believable. And that’s what we would like to change. Remake the music, but so that the main melodies, of course, remain, the arrangements have changed a bit, and everything has become much more natural. creators said.

“You are the perfect fan base. Thanks,” provided by the developers. Meanwhile, further milestones are expected. You can find the Hitt campaign here.

Polda 2 Remaster will release next November for PC and Mac. The Android and iOS version will be released in about a year. The game will not be released on the console yet, if it does, then the Nintendo Switch is a candidate.

Source :Indian TV

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