Ubisoft’s last mobile game was actually a Far Cry, but it failed

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Ubisoft’s last mobile game was actually a Far Cry, but it failed

Wild Arena Survivors is a battle royale game released last week for iOS and Android.

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Wild Arena Survivors was released last week, but you probably didn’t notice because it didn’t make much of a buzz. If you don’t know, this is a Battle royale for mobile from Ubisoft It is already available on both Android from the Play Store and iOS from the App Store.

Company didn’t get promoted much and even Ubisoft’s major social media accounts ignored the game’s release, which is surprising considering how often they’ve worked with other versions. Journalist Neil Long, who currently works at Mobilegamer.biz, claims that they probably spent more money on development than they should have, but thanks to the information provided by his sources, he goes a step further.

Ubisoft would remove Far Cry’s name to cut costsLong arguments, that this mobile war game that pitted 40 players against each other. was actually going to be a Far Cry spinoff, one of the most famous dealers of the company. Ubisoft would find that Wild Arena Survivors had little impact during the testing phase and as a result would remove the name to reduce marketing costs and capitalize on brand attraction in other projects, not to mention the unbridled action and footage. .

Survivors of the Wild Arena

This would also serve Ubisoft to check if the title can be successful without being tied to the well-known brand, something that is currently unachievable. What is clear is that when we look at Wild Arena Survivors, we quickly see some aspects that might fit well with Far Cry, as it has a stunning color palette, an idyllic environment, and an important natural presence.

Waiting to find out if Wild Arena Survivors takes flight on mobile phones, the final installment of the Far Cry saga for desktop is Far Cry 6, an action and open-world game released in October last year that takes us back to a new world. paradise corrupted by tyrannywith the franchise’s biggest offer, and what should also be the turning point.

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