16 games for 400 crowns, Little Nightmares for mobile phones

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Good morning. For only 400 CZK you can purchase 16 games including the full version of Mafia. The successful spooky puzzle platformer will be released in a full version for mobile devices. The fate of Tomb Raider and Legacy of Kain is in the hands of the authors. Ferrari special livery in F1 22. And other news.

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– You can get it for 16 dollars (393 crowns). 16 games from 2K Games. It is in a special Humble Bundle. Mafia: Definitive EditionBorderlands 3 in Super Deluxe Edition, XCOM: Ultimate Collection, Bioshock: The CollectionCivilization VI, Duke Nukem Forever Collection, and Army Men RTS or Hidden & Dangerous 2.

– Fate is over tomb Raider, Cain’s Legacy and several other brands in stock Crystal dynamics as well as hug group. The studio has confirmed that it has completed the acquisition and received the rights from Square Enix. As we already know, a new Lara Croft adventure is coming.

– Registration of trademarks Remainder 2 as well as Remnant: From the Ashes 2 Studio Gunfire Games suggests that a sequel to the 2019 third-person RPG is in the works.

– Great spooky puzzle platformer little nightmares looks at mobile phones and tablets. This year we will be playing the full game on Android and iOS. We can look forward to a young girl named Six and her adventures.

– We have another piece of news for mobile players. This time we will please fans of strategies, because for now Total War: Medieval 2 the famous and popular expansion is finally moving kingdoms. Coming out this fall, it will cover 400 years of world history, including the colonization of the West.

– Write to Valve what you want Portal 3excites fans Ellen McLainwho lent her voice GLaDOS. McLain would like to return to the role of the bloodthirsty and sarcastic artificial intelligence who commands the test facility.

Square Enix registered a trademark in Japan again on September 1, 2022. Engine Radek. That in addition to the internal Luminous Engine, which runs the upcoming open-world RPG Forspoken, the company has another one? It also uses Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.

– Even before Ferrari’s home race at Monza, Codemasters releases an update that F1 22 adds the Shanghai International Circuit and a special livery for the Italian stable’s single-seat cars.

On the Epic Games Store you can purchase Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator and Realm Royale Reforged Epic Launch Bundle. But you could probably give the first suggestion a shot, this is a 2021 game with an average rating of 74%. This is a combination of strategy and simulation, you create your own winery. Spirit of the North and The Captain will be free next week.

Studio Ryu Ga Gotoku, which is behind the Yakuza series, beckons to the RGG Summit 2022. It looks like we will see their new name on September 14th. It has long been known that they are planning a new Yakuza set several years after Like a Dragon and will stick to turn-based RPG.

GeForce Now adds 6 titles to the catalog of supported games. This brings the total to 1400. New: Gloomwood (Steam), TRAIL OUT (Steam), Shatterline (Steam), steel rise (Steam and Epic Games Store), Broken Pieces (Steam) and Realm Royale Reforged (Epic Games Store).

– Microsoft has confirmed the white version of the driver Xbox Elite Series 2. At first glance, it is cheaper than the black version, although there will be fewer components in the basic kit, which explains the difference of 50 euros. For €129 (3,399 kr instead of 4,550 kr) you get a wireless controller with a USB-C cable, but missing a charging dock, a set of four levers, additional thumb controls, an optional direction controller, and a carrying case. This is the base edition.

PS: This is how we spent the whole week. I had enough interesting news to bring you a summary every weekday morning. If there are enough materials over the weekend, “see you” on Monday morning. In the meantime, enjoy our other articles and other content.

Source :Indian TV

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