In Earth: Revival, you will restore civilization

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Nuverse is preparing a multiplayer survival event next year Earth: Rebirthwhich was introduced recently and is designed for computers and mobile devices.

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The plot of the game unfolds in 2112 on the devastated and destroyed planet Earth, which is the result of an intergalactic conflict with a mysterious alien species. As survivors of an alien war, players will fight to reclaim the Earth and restore what has been lost.

The title aims to offer a unique combination of open world exploration, weapon and power armor combat, and aspects of the survival genre. Players will be able to collect raw materials for making weapons, search the desert for food rations, and build your own huts.

There will also be difficult final actions, such as PvE raidsteam tournaments, battle royale mode and death boss battle eventsas well as the ability to communicate with other players in social centers and in the wild.

You will choose from futuristic weapons and armor. In the language of numbers, the authors promise several categories of weapons and dozens of individual weapons. Each weapon should have two unique combat abilities, as well as fully customizable attachments, upgrades, skins, and more.

He will also accompany each player on their journey to reclaim the planet. LydiaA virtual AI partner powered by NVIDIA Omniverse technology to help you on the battlefield and on missions against multiple enemies.

Source :Indian TV

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