The look and feel of the Steam mobile app finally keeps up with the times

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Mobile app for video game platform cook for a couple is a relatively neglected issue on Valve’s part. The graphics are outdated and the optimization is also not the best. Fortunately, the developers decided to leave this in the past, so they are hard at work on improvements, and not only visual ones. There is a new version at the testing stage and i installed it to show you what it actually looks like. Click on the embedded images to see the full interface.

Most users will probably be interested to know how two-step verification works. As for entering through a five-digit code, only the design has changed, the function has remained the same. But many will be pleased with the novelty in the form login via QR code. If you want to sign in to the Steam desktop or web service, simply scan the QR code using the mobile app. If you have a long password consisting of different characters, numbers and letters, you will definitely appreciate the change.

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The other part is a catalog with the names of the games. it seems more modern and I also think it’s smoother. But it would still be useful to redo some parts to work better on the phone. A good example is a loyalty store, some of whose graphic elements go off-screen, and optimization is not very good.

On the other hand, I have to praise the separate news panel.which chronologically shows updates and news from the games you’re watching, giving you just about everything you need to know in one place.

The last section we’ll focus on is what I would call “you and the community”. In the notification panel, you will find information about comments, friend requests or received gifts.

It was very intuitive and easy, however, where to find conversations with friends can be a little less clear.. There is nothing similar in the panel with three horizontal lines. In order to write to friends, you need to click on your profile picture in the upper right, go to the “Friends” column, find the recipient and write to them. If there is an easier way, I really missed it. After clicking on the avatar, I expected to get to the section where there are only tools for setting up an account. But I would not have thought that I would find here also functions for managing friends.

Thankfully, the Community Market, Store Verification on the Service, Steam Workshop, or your game library can already be found in the three-line menu, and there’s no need to guess where Valve has hidden these features.


In conclusion, I would like to summarize the above information. I’m glad Valve decided to make the change, the current version of the app is graphically awful. The new Steam app has improved a lot, but also made things worse. When I first searched for conversations with friends, I found them in two minutes. However, if the developers fix some shortcomings, then Steam for phones will be really great.

Source :Indian TV

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