Cheat! Return to PC and console: a beautiful platform game for the NES

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Cheat!  Return to PC and console: a beautiful platform game for the NES

Publisher Bitwave Games announced that developer City Connection will bring it. Cheat! on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch For those of you who don’t know, we imagine for many is an excellent platform game originally released on the NES and had the misfortune of arriving in stores when 16-bit consoles took hold, namely 1992. Scandinavia and Japan, many consider it one of the best games for the old Nintendo console, at least among the least known ever.

Cheat! It tells the story of a little green youkai named Yumetaro who is mistaken for a toy and given to a little girl on her birthday. One night the little girl is kidnapped and taken to Gimmick’s land! One of the other toys that is jealous of Yumetaro. Youkai will then leave to save him, using his powers that allow him to shoot stars.

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New version of Gimmick! It includes many new features such as objectives, time attack mode, ability to save the game and rewind function. There will also be a gallery that can be viewed in-game to please the fans. The game will also be released in a physical version published by Clear River Games.

Also, Cheat! It will be playable at Gamescom 2022, which will take place on 24-28 August 2022. The game is part of Sunsoft’s efforts to return to the market with some of its classic intellectual property, as announced recently.

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