Goku and Vegeta prepare for their landing in Fortnite with the long-awaited Dragon Ball event

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Goku and Vegeta prepare for their landing in Fortnite with the long-awaited Dragon Ball event

Bandai’s TikTok account in Mexico asks us if we’re ready to use these characters’ skins.


While a leak may have spoiled the initial surprise, there’s no doubt that Fortnite players are really looking forward to seeing this collaboration. dragon ball. After all, Epic Games’ confirmation sparked excitement among battle royale fans, who quickly responded to the announcement with applause and theories. cosmetics this can come to the game.

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Epic Games will reveal details of this relationship in the coming days, but Bandai’s TikTok account in Mexico has already revealed one of the most anticipated additions by manganime fans. As you can see in the video attached below these lines, Bandai has released a short video asking if we are ready to use it. Goku and Vegeta skinsit also serves to remember the collaboration between the two brands.

@bandaimexico We dreamed it and it came true… Prepare your seat, prepare your keyboard and adjust the volume of your headphones. Dragon Ball x Fortnite is coming soon! #DragonBall #Fortnite #DragonBallFortnite ♬ Similar to a Super Saiyan emitting aura(1165663) – TMat

This is the first data we got from Fortnite x Dragon Ball, as the Epic Games announcement only shows an image of the legendary dragon. shenlong. Additionally, the battle royale custodians accompanied this capture with a date: 16 August 2022The day when everything about the series written by Akira Toriyama will be active.

We only have a few days left to learn the full content of this collaboration, but we can continue to enjoy Fortnite with other initiatives made in recent months. To give a few examples, we are talking about the association of Epic Games with the famous brands of the entertainment world, which gives us the opportunity to play with cosmetics from Marvel, Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

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