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Disney Dreamlight Valley, the tried-and-tested version of the new life simulator with Disney sauce

Disney Dreamlight Valley, the tried-and-tested version of the new life simulator with Disney sauce

All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. Maybe it’s true, maybe not: We didn’t say it anyway, but the famous Walt Disney; Therefore, the aphorism deserves consideration, even if only for its legacy to humanity. This maxim is also part of the philosophy behind the ambitious new Disney-themed project. Gameloft Known as Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Basically, we’re starting to understand (almost) what we’ve long hoped for, among others: a real-life simulator in the style of Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, but entirely based on the Disney and Pixar worlds, characters, and situations. In any case, the first two Disney Magicals are especially appreciated by the little ones. An ambitious step forward compared to Worlds: now, in fact, the magic of the Mickey Mouse House could seriously enthrall the rest of the public. a style of play that has proven effective in other productions in the past. Suggesting this should be said on all consoles in circulation and PC with an all-encompassing spread.

Inside I tried Disney Dreamlight Valley We explain what this game consists of, how much it has pulled from related games, and to what extent it is trying to innovate. If you have never been to Disneyland, this will definitely be the right opportunity for you.

Subject: Let’s save Dreamlight Valley

The main area of ​​Disney’s Dreamlight Valley… after rescuing it from Oblivion

The routine of daily life, as we know, can be overwhelming. It is definitely for the Disney Dreamlight Valley hero, who at some point decides to escape the city, hiding in the surrounding countryside, where he remembers being so happy as a child, where his imagination is enough to make distant journeys. After a while though – here History – a fantastic journey really begins, because he wakes up in Dreamlight Valley, a magical world dominated by the famous Disney castle and inhabited by the most famous characters of various feature films and television series, good or bad.

More precisely, this was the Valley of Dreamlight before the hero of the moment arrived, for in reality there is not much left to remember the glory of the past. After choosing their avatar from a range of options (not very convincing at the moment), the player finds himself in a dark world, full of thorn ivy, and the Sorcerer Merlin tries to keep them away. He is the famous character in “The Sword in Stone”, who explains how little he remembers about what happened to his land. At one point, Oblivion took possession of living things, homes, and places; Disney characters are amnesiac (Merlin doesn’t quite remember the details of the story); The ruler of the Dreamlight Valley has finally disappeared. What shall we do?

Clearly the Disney Dreamlight Valley hero (that is, we are) is magical, so he can remove the evil that haunts the world for no real reason, just by touching it. So the adventure began restoring various parts of the world The game (limited for now, but will be expanded in the future) to bring the characters back to their homes and defeat the evil that often plagues the Disney kingdom.

Organized by main adventure main tasks (assigned by Merlin) and secondary (related to Dreamlight Valley’s equally secondary characters). One and the other make up the progression system, but overall the title wants to immediately leave the player with the opportunity to enjoy their preferred experience over a balanced mix between sandbox and relaxing life simulator.

Animal Crossing with Disney characters

Forgetting Disney Dreamlight Valley doesn’t distinguish between good and bad: everyone will need help

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an early access title for now: that means the full version will only be released on consoles and PC next year. Despite the fact that the basic structure should not have changed much, until now all seemed to be one. Animal Crossing with Disney characters. And be careful, because considering how much the Nintendo series has always been appreciated, that’s certainly not a bad thing. Gameloft has done nothing more than study it carefully, choosing certain mechanics and objects, and then adapting everything into your life simulator, which still retains the original sandbox features.

Some examples will make it clear what is what. Gameplay. But aside from the main adventure, which at some point can be overlooked to devote oneself to something else, Disney Dreamlight Valley doesn’t necessarily have goals. The player can furnish his house as he wishes, transforming it from a hut into a palace; Restore Uncle Scrooge’s shop to buy new items and sell (make money) things he no longer needs; can overlook his garden, equipped with a hoe and watering can; fishing; Collect fruit; choose rocks; dismantle the trunks. The heart of the experience lies in the interaction with the game world. Each action, among other things, is never an end in itself, as it allows you to complete permanent and far-reaching objectives (for example, helping a certain number of characters) and thereby earn points and level up.

Merlin will guide Disney Dreamlight Valley players through the main adventure

new levels Unlock new possibilities that guarantee a continuous virtuous cycle in Dreamlight Valley: previously absent characters arrive, old abandoned businesses reopen their doors (like Goofy’s counter or Remi’s restaurant, Ratatouille’s mouse), new items can be purchased becomes. The city is coming to life again, and meanwhile, access to other Disney kingdoms (like The Lion King, Frozen, Oceania) is starting to open up.

All the mechanics don’t seem entirely logical. For example, collecting or removing bad vines requires energy that the protagonist needs to eat or rest at home. But why waste resources when it’s really possible to walk into your home and sit on the couch for a moment to fully recover? Even the game menus are a bit confusing right now: they want to show newcomers all the good stuff available (and there really is), but it’s easy to get lost between one item and the next when you’re bombarded in a few hours. a thousand possibilities.

One of the clearest menus in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The truth is that the balance of similar video games can only be truly explored in the long run and above all when the product is complete. For now, Disney Dreamlight Valley does not offer truly original elements: it remains a life simulator that is accessible to everyone, intriguing even for adults, but trying to draw in familiar (or very new) faces from the worlds of Disney and Pixar. Will still need it in the long run ongoing support and most importantly, we need to understand how much the progression of the main story will affect the gameplay possibilities. For now, the story, besides being trivial, risks limiting the freedom of newcomers.


  • It is already very rich in content
  • Selection of Disney and Pixar characters seems on point
  • The presence of a “plot” does not hurt
  • General derivative
  • History seems to limit the freedom of the player
  • Gameplay aspects and menus to review

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