MultiVersus: How does free character rotation work? Warner Bros. explains it to us

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in response to your doubts Multiple vs.Warner Bros Games has detailed how it’s done. free character spinsIn the future, if a character is no longer available for free, all to go forward obtained is not lost.

The open beta of MultiVersus has been available for all platforms since yesterday, enjoying so much success on a few that it’s the best Warner Bros. launch of the game.

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However, there are some concerns with the lineup of free characters or immediately available ones that don’t need to be unlocked via in-game currency and premium. not fixedbut instead it will change periodically.

For example, during early access to the beta, players can take on the roles of Jake, Harley Quinn, Taz, and Shaggy. Free access to these characters is no longer available and has been replaced by Finn, Garnet, Superman and Raindog.

In this regard, Nikki Grantham of Warner Bros Games, who explained in detail how rotation of free characters works on the official MultiVersus Discord server, stated that this will happen. biweekly and ensuring that progress made with a preview fighter is not lost.

“With the launch of the open beta, the rotation of free preview characters begins,” Grantham said. “Starting today, we will have a new roster that will be free for all players and will change every two weeks.”

“Starting in Early Access, your progress with these characters will be saved, so you can pick up where you left off when they’re reusable in rotation or if you unlock them with in-game currency.”

Grantham also reiterated that while this is an open beta, all player progressions for MultiVersus will be migrated to the full version when it becomes available.

“In the future, character progression will not reset. All characters will always be unlockable with in-game gold when they exit the free character preview rotation.”

Source: Multiplayer

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