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Brazil’s top teams Counter Strike: Global OffensiveCS: GO) can only think of one thing at this moment: PGL Major Antwerp 2022† To reach the goal, they will have to compete for them. Regional Major RankingCMA† But which one? The teams were split between the South American and North American qualifiers. Enemy is here to tell you which league each team will play in.

South American CMA

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The first RMR with Brazilian teams is the RMR in South America, which will take place from March 3-4. At the time of writing, 138 teams have registered and only four places are up for grabs. Major entrants include:

  • roof Galerie
  • MIBR
  • 00nation
  • the Sharks
  • Esports Cases
  • Los Grandes
  • 9z
  • Colony (former Imperial)
  • isurus
  • black dragons
  • to stroll
  • Skyline Stars
  • B4

The non-qualified teams will play the second RMR SA in stride, between March 5 and 6. As for the first, this time there will only be four places for the next stage.

North American CMA

The first North American RMR comes a few days after SA, March 10-11. At the time of writing, there were 52 challenge requests for four vacancies. Among the participants from Brazil:

  • pain game
  • 1 team

Some ANs who are good candidates for the positions include:

  • fluid tool
  • complexity
  • Party astronauts
  • without organs

Likewise, NA will have a second qualifier from March 12-13. The difference is that the latter will only be three points.

America CMA

Eight from RMR SA and seven from RMR NA come together and form with FURIA the RMR of the Americas, as it is already classified for this stage as it is the Legend of the last Major. Americas RMR is the last step until the PGL Major Antwerp 2022.

There are six points in the game, between April 11 and April 14, where 16 teams compete individually. The list of open positions is as follows:

  • 1 row: Myth
  • 2nd row: challenger
  • 3rd row: challenger
  • 4th row: to fight
  • 5th place: to fight
  • 6th row: to fight

Source : The Enemy

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