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Ubisoft will pay attention to climate change in their games


As part of an international initiative Playing for the planet Ubisoft games will be hosting special events to warn players about climate change.

The purpose of the event is raise awareness of the impact of climate change on our world. There are currently two in-game events scheduled.

AT Ryders Republic learn about the problem Forest fires. This event will not be announced in advance. One day you turn on the game (either at the end of this year, or at the beginning of 2023) and you will see an orange sky and a haze of fiery smoke. Your character will be equipped with an oxygen mask, and some areas of the map will be inaccessible due to a large fire. With other players you will have to prevent it. Sequoia National Park engulfed in flames.

Using a photo mode enriched with up-to-date scientific data, the first players will have to identify the most fire-prone areas of the national park, and then reduce the risk of fire in joint actions. These include clearing forest roads of flammable objects and protecting trees with aluminum foil on trunks.

The next event will take place in Skull and Bones. The piracy event, due to take place in November, will highlight the challenges facing our oceans such as overfishing. Players will have the opportunity to contribute to the conservation of marine life and understand the destructive nature of the shark fin trade.

Recall Sony environmental program to mark the launch of Horizon Forbidden West. In partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, a tree was planted for each player who unlocked a specific trophy during the first weeks of the game’s release. For example PlayStation Park Horizon was created in Hradec Kralove..

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