Valorant spawn bug kills ability to place Spike

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Valorant, like most competitive FPS games, has a good margin of error. Luckily, developer Riot Games is usually on the ball when it comes to taking them out when they spawn. Judging by a groundbreaking new bug preventing players from placing the Spike when certain conditions are met, the studio will want to act quickly to prevent more players from falling victim to it.

In a clip posted to The Loadout by editor ‘lem_uk’, the player is shot while attempting to place Spike on Breeze’s A site. After being revived by his ally Sage, lem_uk grabs Thorn again and attempts to plant him. However, for some reason, the editor can no longer download Spike.

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A quick look at the Valorant patch 5.0 Reddit bug megathread reveals that lem_uk isn’t alone in this dire situation. User ‘Mundane_Act4446’ also reported the error recently, but no player was able to reproduce it. Meanwhile, it has been reported that some players completely lost the ability to place Spike in Episode 5, Act 1, and this is not specific to any particular region.

You can watch lem_uk’s clip below. We also tested if the bug affects Phoenix in his final form, as he reverts to an active state after being “killed” in this form, but it appears the only agent affected is Sage.

youtube thumbnail

Needless to say, the inability to deploy the Spike for whatever reason is a pretty big issue that Riot will no doubt try to fix as soon as possible.

Source : The Load Out

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