Skate’s first gameplay footage shows more freedom

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Electronic Arts has released a one and a half minute video with the first gameplay shot from To skate. The video is meant to reassure fans that the developers are still working on the game.

Footage taken from an early version of the game (pre-pre-pre-alpha). Even in the first part of the video no textures and we are seeing various bugs that the creators had to deal with. At the end of the video we see a much prettier version with textures and everything.

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The video confirms that players will have great freedom of movement even outside of skateboarding. There will be a mechanic of climbing to higher places, and at some point we will even see a character swinging from pole to pole.

The video also showed wall running, somersaults and spins off the board, many new tricks, opportunity to build a skate park togetherlocations of San Francisco, Vancouver and Amsterdam, and last but not least, probably, the open world.

Unfortunately, there is still no release date. EA is currently inviting interested parties to register to test the development version. This goes hand in hand with earlier claims that fans will be involved in the development.

Source :Indian TV

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