Redfall proposes collaborative destruction of vampires

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Although Redfall from the creators disgraced as well as Mining from the Arkane studio will not be released until the first half of next year, Bethesda is definitely not messing around with marketing. This also proves new trailer that brings the setting of Redfall Island closerwhere we will be able to fight human and vampire enemies alone or in cooperation with three other players.

trailer includes a look not only at the environment, but also at the possibility of modifying characters. It also offers another quick look at the four playable heroes and the overall story, as well as showcasing several types of enemies. We can find among them, for example human cultists serving the insidious vampireswhich blocked the sun and got rid of the water around the island to completely isolate it.

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As for the vampires themselves, there are several different types waiting for us. During the game we will meet the best vampires responsible for the biggest complications., with strong types that can tear you apart, alert enemies that act as a sort of alarm for their counterparts, and vampires like the Angler. The creators described him on the Bethesda website as an insidious enemy that can control you beware and separate from your teammates if you are not paying attention.

Here, of course, the memory of Hunter or Smoker from left 4 Deadbut, fortunately, the developers have assured us that if we’re playing alone or if teammates can’t offer help, Angler’s immobilization is not permanent. With a little effort, you can independently escape from the Angler’s attack, which is not entirely possible with the Hunter or Smoker.

However, it’s still true when you decide to play with your friends, you must stick together to survive. Of course, the heroes, including supernatural student Layla Allison, sniper Jacob Boyer with a ghostly raven, engineer Remy de la Rosa with Bribon’s robot companion, and inventor and cryptozoologist Devinder Crowsley, are stronger in the team. However, the threat of vampires increases with each player that joins you in the running solo in co-op isn’t always the best idea.

Redfall will be released in the first half of 2023 on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) and Xbox Series X|S. The game will also be available on Game Pass.

Source :Indian TV

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