First unofficial photo of PlayStation VR2

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The first unofficial photo appeared on the network PlayStation VR2including drivers. This is from the studio. Bit Planet Gameswhich is preparing a project for a new version of Sony’s virtual reality headset.

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We can see what the headset actually looks like. But keep in mind that this is only prototype. Apparently, the developers had it for at least six months, because when asked if they violated the NDA when they shared the photo, they replied: “If we posted this photo six months ago, you would be right.”

But soon the authors realized their mistake, removed the image from Twitter and replaced it with a new post, where they write: “Guess what’s coming to PS VR2?” It is assumed that the game Ultrawings, which has been on Steam since 2017 and has received very positive reviews. In the game, you use your hands to fly in an open world with various aircraft.

Several games have been announced for PS VR2, including Horizon VR: Call of the Mountain, Resident Evil Village VR, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Ch2, and No Man’s Sky. Last month we learned from Sony that more than 20 games will be ready with the launch of PlayStation VR2.

And when will PS VR2 come out? Approximately early next year.

Source :Indian TV

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