You will discover the destructive power of humanity in Endling with Czech subtitles

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For fans of unforgettable stories, another game is sure to emerge here. This time it’s about ecological adventurewhen, from the point of view of the last mother fox on Earth, you realize the destructive power of the human race, which, day after day, spoils, pollutes and plunders the rarest and most valuable resources of the natural environment.

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Ending: Extinction Forever in addition, he will Czech subtitles. The game will release on July 19 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It will also be sold in a physical edition. For now, you can find a demo on Steam.

“According to the latest research by the American Museum of Natural History in New York, 70% of 400 biologists agree that the planet Earth is at the beginning of a human-caused mass extinction. One biologist even calculated that if human destruction of the biosphere continues, up to half of the plants and animals will die within a hundred years. Today, more than 28,000 species of animals on our planet are threatened with extinction. Thousands of species such as rhinos, lions, tigers, seals and bears are under threat due to air pollution, poaching, war and constant loss of habitat.” says in a press release.

“Now imagine that humanity destroys one of the most adaptable creatures, the fox. As the last fox in the world, you fight for survival in the hunt for the already valuable food resources left on a dying Earth. However, you are not looking for food only for yourself. Your clumsy chicks are waiting for you in the safety of their hole until something or someone wakes up one of the foxes that day…”

You will be like a fox explore different 3D areas and protect your little ones, feed them, watch them grow, notice their unique personalities and fears and help them survive.

“Use the darkness of the night to quietly move your young offspring to a safer place. Spend the day lounging in a makeshift shelter and carefully plan your next move as it could be the last for you and your cubs.” add authors.

Source :Indian TV

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