The battlefield is the priority. No time for Mirror’s Edge

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If from the studio DICE Looking forward to something other than Battlefield, like you’d like to return to a warmly received series. Edge of the Mirrorso unfortunately. Developers are fully focused on development Battlefield 2042.

This was stated in an interview with Games Industry by the new head of DICE, Rebecca Kutaz, who took over after the unsuccessful premiere of this multiplayer-oriented first-person shooter. The manager says that taking on such an important position at such a difficult time for the studio was a big challenge, but, as she says, “it’s better now.”

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Kutaz admitted in an interview that they currently have neither space nor time at DICE for games other than Battlefield 2042.. It’s just a priority. Therefore, nothing else can be expected in the near future.

“We are completely focused on Battlefield 2042, we don’t have time for anything else, but this is our plan. Within three years, we want to become a superpower in the world of first-person shooters.. We deserve it and we are working on it.” the manager was surprised.

“The launch of the game was unsuccessful. Our players were disappointed, but we were also disappointed. We have focused on the gradual improvement of the game. Our studio is 30 years old and the Battlefield series is 20 years old, and we are very sorry to disappoint fans at this time.”

Becoming a great power in the first-person shooter genre in three years is a lot ambitious plangiven that at least in terms of sales they are doing much better Call of Duty from Activision and we can’t forget about Hi from Microsoft stable version. There is a lot, but a lot of work ahead of DICE. Battlefield 2042 proved disastrous and the renovations were far from complete.

It is worth recalling that the statements of the new head of DICE contradict the recent reports of well-known journalist and insider Jeff Grubb. He stated that only the rest of the people who originally developed it are working on Battlefield 2042. The source suggests that the vast majority of the team is already working on the next part of the Battlefield series, which should be in pre-production..

After all, the future of Battlefield is in the hands of Vince Zampella and Marcus Leth. They want to build the Battlefield universe, which will include more projects that will be interconnected with each other and with the players. At EA, he believes Vince Zampella is the right person in the right place. After all, he has a lot of experience with first-person shooters. It’s him stood at the origins of such series as Call of Duty and Medal of Honor..

Former Halo designer Marcus Leto is assembling a new team in Seattle to add more story to Battlefield. These stories are meant to bring diverse experiences and set the stage for storytelling now and in the future. We will see his work in Battlefield 2042 in the future.

Source :Indian TV

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