A6: Ubisoft abandons and relocates six majors to the United Arab Emirates

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Reviews from the community and influential members of the competitive landscape Rainbow Six: Siege (R6) had an effect. this Ubisoft announced on Tuesday the end of the second round six main this year we have United Arab Emirates† The company announced on social media that it will determine a new headquarters to host the international sports championship in a different region.

Throughout the note, Ubisoft reveals this edition. Middle East affects site exit. “We have clearly heard that members of the International Siege community are skeptical of this selection and have decided to move the August 2022 Major Six to another location, the exact location of which has yet to be determined.”the editor said.

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It should be recalled that after Ubisoft announced its annual schedule, Brazilian gamers, professional gamers and international influencers took a stand against holding the Six Major in the United Arab Emirates. The main reason for negative results is Basra Bay It has laws banning same-sex marriage and can sentence anyone to death or life imprisonment who is in a non-heterosexual relationship outside of marriage.

For the past few years, Ubisoft has been passionate about promoting community representation. LGBTQIA+ in games and other productions. Thanks to the contextualization, the developer introduced: Flowersearly last year when the first character came out as gay on R6.

Source : The Enemy

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