Battlefield 2042 is not dead, EA says

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Electronic Arts held a presentation for its shareholders. After a plan for the coming year that includes a major brand, another remake besides Dead Space, and the return of Need for Speed, the company had to deal with one big disappointment called Battlefield 2042. The EA CEO has ruled out the shooter being dead as they have long term plans for it.

Battlefield 2042 is failing in terms of reviews and sales. Attempts to update content and improve the game so far have also met with lukewarm acclaim. One would expect EA to throw Battlefield 2042 in the trash and prefer to invest in a new part. But that won’t happen. EA will invest in Battlefield 2042 even after the release of update 4.2.

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EA is looking at Battlefield 2042 from a long-term perspective and has big plans for the entire series. Andrew Wilson recalled that major changes have recently taken place. Now he is in charge of the entire series. Vince Zampella (co-founder of Infinity Ward where he created Call of Duty and Respawn where he created Titanfall, Apex Legends) while Markus Lehtoco-creator of Halo and father of the Master Chief, runs a new DICE studio in Seattle that will focus on the story side of Battlefield.

“This is one of the biggest brands in our industry, built by one of the best teams in the industry, and we expect it to continue to grow and be a really important part of our portfolio for many, many years to come.” Wilson added.

Ultimately, Wilson dedicated himself Mobile Battlefield. Although the free-to-play shooter for Android and iOS does not appear in the publisher’s plan for the current period (until March 31, 2023), this does not mean that it cannot be launched during this period. But first, thorough testing is needed, which will continue at the end of May. Based on feedback and other data, a decision will be made on when Battlefield Mobile will be released.

Battlefield 2042 failed completely

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