PlayStation Plus: May 2022’s free PS5 and PS4 games revealed in a leak? [aggiornata]

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A leak may have revealed the i Free games for PS5 and PS4 between PlayStation Plus flat at home May 2022 For Sony service subscribers. According to tradition, a few hours after the official announcement that unforeseen events will happen tomorrow afternoon, well-known leaker billbil-kun has revealed the list of possible free games that will apparently become FIFA 22 for PS5 and PS4. Curse of the Dead Gods for PS4 and Tribes of Midgard for PS5 and PS4.


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According to tradition, the information from billbil-kun turned out to be correct: the game roster for May 2022 has been officially confirmed by Sony with the inevitable announcement.

That’s why subscribers to the service will be able to download the blockbuster FIFA 22 for PS5 and PS4 in a dual version of the roguelike Curse of the Dead Gods and co-op Tribes of Midgard for PS5 and PS4 starting May 3rd.

It will be interesting to see how the situation will change with the launch of the new PlayStation Plus in June and whether the well-known French leaker will continue to wait for announcements with Swiss precision month after month.

The original news is below.

The tip for the time being should be considered a mere thoughtlessness without official confirmation, but as originally stated, it was the usual Billbil-kun to launch it through the pages. Dealabs.comIt has been announcing the PS Plus series many times in recent months and therefore we can consider it a fairly reliable source.

In any case we have to wait for communication from Sony to know for sure. There is no official date for the announcement of free PlayStation Plus games, but new PS Plus games usually come out on the last Wednesday of the month. So the announcement will take place tomorrow, except for unforeseen circumstances, Wednesday, April 27, 17:30 (Italian time).

PS4 and PS5 games claimed to be free on PlayStation Plus in May 2022

PS4 and PS5 games claimed to be free on PlayStation Plus in May 2022

FIFA 22 really needs no introduction as we’re talking about the latest iteration of EA Sports’ popular soccer game franchise. New additions to the 2022 release include revised AI for goalkeepers, new ball physics, “Burning Sprint” mechanics and new offensive tactics. To find out more, here’s our FIFA 22 review.

Curse of the Dead Gods is a stylish isometric roguelike game that has been available on PS5 and PS4 since last year. As an anonymous explorer, we’ll have to traverse a cursed Aztec temple with dozens of deformed and disturbing creatures waiting for us, with traps around every corner. Using a large arsenal of weapons, including swords, spears, bows and pistols, we will have to beware of curses that will hit us with lasting effects throughout the game. Here is our review of The Curse of the Dead Gods.

Finally, Tribes of Midgard is a cooperative game with a successful mix of action, survival and roguelite elements. Players must work together to defend their village from hordes of invaders such as spirits and colossal savages and explore the wilderness of Midgard to gather valuable resources, defeat mystical monsters and face powerful opponents.

By the way, if you haven’t already, you still have time to redeem the free PS Plus games for PS5 and PS4 from April 2022, including Hood: Outlaws & Legends, Slay the Spire, and finally Spongebob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom. – Rehydrated.

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