GTA 6, new stolen videos show map, characters and vehicles

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The dam has blown up, as some have said: GTA 6 was the victim of a sensational leak that continued to produce material, and indeed new ones have surfaced in the last few minutes. stolen videos their game map, characters and vehiclesthe latter are equipped with seemingly adjustable interiors.

According to “Fuck you Rockstar”, which can be read in the description of the first of the videos you found in this news, there is definitely a resentment in what happened.Grand Theft Auto VI settingnamely Vice City.

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Given the on-screen development tools, it’s possible to see the two protagonists of GTA 6 preoccupied with various situations within the series, which clarifies the “technical” source of the leak. Downstairs is a nightclub, followed by a taste of gunfights.

Finally, a second YouTube channel posted a video of the heroine walking around the city, then looking inside a car, which can apparently be changed in-game.

Source: Multiplayer

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