Wanted: Dead, a long trailer for TGS 2022

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developers Wanted: Dead they made a long one video from presentation for the occasion game TGS 2022It was completed with extensive game sequences interpreted by the team for a total of about 40 minutes.

Released on February 14, 2023, Wanted: Dead seeks to create an ultra-violent and frenetic action experience that is inspired by the classic in many ways. Ninja Gaiden but with different variations on the theme.

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As you can see, in fact, the heroine of the game, Hannah Stone, head of the Zombie Squad division, is equipped not only with a sharp katana, but also with a set of devastating firearms that allow her to aim at her opponents from afar. .

Wanted: Dead won’t be limited to traditional action in its package, including a variety of mini-games, some of which are secretly mind-blowing, to soften the tones and keep us holding our breath between one mission and the next.

Source: Multiplayer

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